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Melbourne Apartments in Collingwood


Finding the best place to live in Melbourne may be a hard decision to make. There are plenty of good areas to choose from and one of the most recommended neighborhoods is Collingwood. Collingwood is a suburb of Melbourne in Australia. It is about three kilometers northeast of Melbourne's main central business district. Collingwood is known as one of the oldest suburbs in Melboure and is bordered by Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street, Smith Stree, and Victoria Parade.


Collingwood is known for its numerous historical buildings with many 19th century homes, shops, and factories that are still being used to this day. It has numerous buildings which are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, as well as, several other notable establishments, commercial, as well as, public buildings. It is one of the best places for young professionals to find a good Melbourne apartment. With its quaint old buildings, you will be able to find plenty of great apartments at an affordable price.




In Collingwood, you will pleasantly find numerous options for entertainment. Whether you are a morning or evening person, there are plenty of things to do when you want to discover more of this neighborhood. There are an increasing number of bars, restaurants, public areas, museums, galleries and other fun destinations in the neighborhood. Serious food lovers will love the numerous food options. From burgers and pizzas, to healthy vegan choices there is surely something for everyone in this neighborhood. Music lovers will also enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer. You will find different musical bars offering entertainment. Click here to read more.


Collingwood, in addition, also offer numerous options for arts and crafts activities. Since the beginning of time, the neighborhood is known supporting various artist's initiatives and small galleries.




Collingwood is also known to have numerous shopping options whether for its residents or tourists. There are numerous factory outlets found on the Smith Street which offer products at a more affordable price. There are also specialty stores offering unique products that you will not find anywhere else.


Collingwood is a great place to find an affordable, safe, clean, and vibrant Melbourne apartment. This area is known as one of the top destinations for young workers who wants to start their professional or even families. It is very near Melbourne's central business district and transportation is convenient, as well as, available 24/7. You can find numerous endless discovery apartment options through dedicated websites where real estate are posted.